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MSG Funding Capital Group, LLC ~ We specialize in specialty Funding.
At MSG we realize that you are giving us an opportunity to earn your business and we are extremely thankful.  At MSG
Funding, about 75% or more of our client base has come from referrals generated through our other clients and it is our goal
is to become a business that you will return to for all of your financing needs and be comfortable enough to refer us to your
friends, family and business contacts.

Can $300,000,000 or more help?  MSG Funding is based in Phoenix, Arizona and we are your one stop financial resource ~ we
specialize in "specialty funding" and we can provide funding almost anywhere in the world.  MSG Funding gives you access to
billions of dollars through our network of several hundred investment companies.  Our Clients include Individuals as well as
Businesses and we can provide funding of $300,000,000 and up.  
  • When banks say NO we say YES ~ We are a ONE stop source for all of your financing needs and combine the primary and
    secondary financing industries.
  • MSG Combines the Primary and Secondary Financing Industries ~ Through our primary sources we are capable of originating
    residential an commercial mortgages throughout the United States and through our secondary sources we have the
    ability to provide alternative funding throughout the world.
  • We do not SELL products ~ With our large network of funding sources we have a greater capability of placing you into a
    program that specifically meets your needs.
  • We shop for the best deal for you ~ When you fill out one application through MSG Funding Capital Group, it goes to
    several investors that compete for your business.
  • Excellence in Customer Service ~ Whether your transaction is $2,000 or $500 Million you will be treated with courtesy,
    honest and respect.  We value your privacy and information is never sold.  
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