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Equity Based Funding ~ Venture Capital/Joint Ventures/Equity Investors
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Finding funding is extremely stressful and we are here to protect and advise you.

Especially for start-up companies...equity based funding is tough!!!  Even though MSG Funding initially
started operations with the focus on cash-flow and real estate development transactions, we quickly became a
resource for start up companies seeking seed funding and venture capital through equity investors.  At MSG we have
generated several great funding sources and our goal is to provide you with funding alternatives.  On equity
transactions we do NOT solicit individual investors however we do work with high net worth individuals
internationally!!!  At MSG, we are trying to eliminate the broker chains and on equity transactions we typically do not
work with other intermediaries unless they are either bringing us a client or are requested by the ultimate investor.  
Typically we begin with Institutional Funding sources that are chosen because they have a proven track record in
attaining funding for a variety equity based scenarios.

Up-front fees have killed so many great companies.  MSG Funding does NOT charge up-front fees because we are
paid generously out of the funding amount when you are funded.  S
everal of our sources do charge reasonable
up-front fees which that are necessary in order to research and prepare your documentation before we present your
project to our investors.  
Additionally, we do not negotiate terms with individual investors because they ultimately
have to be determined through you and the investor.

Angels...LOL...BIG myth from my experience
Can we promise or guarantee funding?  NO, however we can promise to try our best.
We prefer equity transactions beginning at $5,000,000 to no max.

Getting Started:
Executive Summary
Business Plan
Pro-Forma Financial statements (5 years)
Use of funds